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Better to be surrounded by GREEN, right?

Customers prefer to shop with you, staff’s efficiency will increase by 15% in an office packed with plants. No need to invest millions on plant decoration, worry about irrigation and care of office plants. Simply hire, book it as cost and calculate your extra income.

More and more companies are doing this. Some of them have been skeptical about the positive effects of office plants in the past. No they are convinced.

What is plant rental

What to win if you rent plants?

Staff is gearing up, customers spend more money with you – all without having to take care of the sprinkling and replacement of plants for a minute.

Green plant – an efficient investment

The presence of plants in the built environment goes far beyond aesthetics. By creating an optimal atmosphere in the building, they contribute to the well-being of our employees, customers and guests.

From small potplants to large trees, GREENIN plant decoration serves to create the pleasant, inviting atmosphere in which office staff works more efficiently, and customers gain impressions, and guests can spend their time in a pleasant environment.

With the live green foliage, the dark corners of the buildings awaken, the empty walls get colored, while the plants bring fresh air into closed spaces.

Why would you wait to increase your company’s efficiency?

Request GREENIN’s free consultation to help your staff and customers enjoy the positive effects of green plants within days. Our employees are free to consult you without any obligation to find the best solution for your business.

What is plant rental