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Office Plant Rental is the most effective tool to instantly boost your business without having to invest enormous money and without having to taking care of plants. No need to pay anything in advance, but you can feel the positive effects of office plants within days.

Plans clean air and provide oxygen

How does GREENIN plant decoration service work?

According to the customer needs and the features of the venue, the appropriate plants will be selected from small potplants to larger trees and planters which match to style of the interior. From that point, the customer has no other task. Planting, arrangement of the plants at the customers offices, irrigation plant nutrition are carried out by the GREENIN team.

Lot of plants needed, but little space or too little light available in your office? Learn about our Green Wall Solutions »

Customers enjoy being at our offices

Frequently asked Questions

How does long term rental and maintenance work?

Pre-agreed plants are placed in your office and we are regularly treating the plants: watering, fertilizing, removing dried leaves, cleaning the leaves as necessary, performing the necessary plant protection, and replacing dead plants. This is a very popular solution because it is hassle-free, cheap and has no capital requirement.

Should I pay in advance when renting a plant?

No. You will only have to pay the monthly invoice, after the plants have been delivered to your office.

Will we have to water the plants?

Not necessary. We regularly take care of the plants: sprinkle, fertilize, remove the dried leaves, clean the leaves as needed, make the necessary pest control and replace the dead plants.

Do not even have to sprinkle when the water level indicator on the plant is at minimum?

Not necessary. For the plant there is enough moisture for 4-5 days.

What happens if the plant dies?

Withering plants will be replaced free of charge.

Can I buy plant decoration?

Yes. If you have a green thumb and time to care for the plants, you can buy your own plant decoration.We will also help with this.

There is not enough natural light in our office. Can we buy live plants?

We always propose plants suitable for the light conditions. There are plants that are super tolerant of dark interiors. In fact, we can suggest light and maintenance-free, yet natural green surfaces too.

What if the plant next to my table is winking at me?

It’s just a game of imagination. You work too much without rest. Take a short break 🙂

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