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Favorit of the year

This year’s favorite is the extremely easy to breed Monstera Deliciosa, which comes from Mexico’s and Panama’s tropical forests. Its name comes from ‘monster’ refering to its huge size and ‘delicious’ thanks to its deliciuos fruit. The fruit has a delicious banana and pineapple mixture flavor.


This plant requires lightweight placement and moderate irrigation. It grows well in the absence of humidity. Its leaves become bigger and bigger as the plant gets older. As a solitaire, it is better to be raised in great space. After the age of 3 we can expect the first flowers and potentially fruit development. This plant develops air roots which should not be cut.


Starting from this year we have a good news for those who likes Monstera’s beauty, but can not provide such big place that Monstera Deliciosa requires. Philodendron Minima has appeared on the market which bear mini, palm size leaves.