Sansevieria – it is stylish again

/Sansevieria – it is stylish again

Sansevieria – it is stylish again

Modern, clean-styled interior fits in perfectly with the shape of sansevieria. Due to the toughness of this plant that has come back to fashion again.

Bullet proof plant

Sansevieria is originated form Africa, Madagascar and South Asia and there are countless species of this plant from deserts to tropical rainforest.

It is one of the most easy to care potplants, almost everyone can breed, has a tough, powerful growth. It can survive almost everything from dry air to draught. The only way to kill this plant is: overwatering. His demands are very modest. It growths well in shadows or even under very low light conditions, though it may develop long, narrow leaves in this circumstances. Make sure that the temperature in winter is above 10 ° C.

Available in various sizes and shapes. It’s a stylish addition to a modern office.