The Old-World Tropical Dracena

/The Old-World Tropical Dracena

The Old-World Tropical Dracena

The dracena, also known as dragon tree stem from Africa, Madagascar, Canary Islands, Asia and spread in the Southeast Asian archipelago. The plant belongs to the asparagus family and is known for its varieties.

It even absorbs carcinogens

Easy to breed, undemanding and die hard plants. Many of their varieties are included on the list has compiled by NASA about plants capable of binding many of carcinogenic harmful substances from the air. Beside carbon dioxide, dracenas can absorb benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene or toluene from the air.

It’s very simple to care. In bright or semi-shaded places, they develop well. The basic rule is that the more colorful the plant, the more light it needs for developing its beautiful color. Average room temperature is perfect and remember spraying with soft water occasionally to humidify the air around them. In summer, fertilization is required biweekly.